Control lighting with one touch.

With a SANSA controller, you have the ability to program scenes for all the spaces in your home.

Experience Home Automation Hubs

With the CUBO Home Automation Hub, you will be able to bring home true smartness. Control your lights, curtains, ACs, TVs, music and much more with a single touch or just your voice. Our solutions let you program devices according to time of day and other preferences, thus automatically setting the mood at home as you’d like it.

Control your music from anywhere, for any mood.

A digital music zoning system allows you to play your music anywhere in your home with just a smart device. Access all your music on the central music bank through the app and choose to play it through any connected speakers in your home.

Control your lights and fans with an app.

A wireless lighting control module allows you to control lights and fans in a room or entire home.

Easily connect these modules to your smart home hub for your lights and fans to become app-enabled!

Connect all your smart devices to one robust platform.

Easy to install and configure, you can create and schedule scenarios—from dimming the lights and switching off all your devices when it’s time for bed to drawing open your curtains and playing music when it’s time to wake up.

Secure to use with bank-grade security, our hubs provide foolproof protection against unauthorized access.