Silvan SECURE Home Security System

SECURE is a new age wireless security system which uses the power of the internet to secure your home via a host of sensors.
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Product Code : SECURE222
Brand : SILVAN

Secure monitors your home through wireless sensors and gives you the control to check your home's security and surveillance through the SECURE App. Be at peace knowing that your home is safe, no matter where you are.

A Complete home security system

Know the status of the various sensors through the app

Get alert if something goes wrong in your house via your smartphone wherever you are.The SECURE app lets you know if any of the sensors is triggered. You can alert somebody to have a look and resolve the issue more efficiently.

You can disarm or arm the sensors through the app or Keyfob

The App lets you configure, manage and monitor the security of your home from anywhere.

Multiple User Support

Check on the security of your home, in real time (5 Users + 1 Admin).


Easy To Install

SECURE is a retrofit product which is easy to install. Free Installation Provided


App Enabled

The SECURE system comes with an app for Android and iOS platforms


Multiple Sensor Support

One SECURE can pair with up to 32 sensors.


Camera Support

SECURE can connect to compatible IP camera.


Power Backup

Battery to keep the device operational during power cut.


Status of Sensor

Check the health of sensors installed through the SECURE app.


It's the hub through which all the sensors are connected for the security system

Door Intrusion Sensors (2)

To help detect if a door is opened while armed. These are installed on a door or window in such a way that opening the door or window causes the magnet to move away from the contact switch which activates the alarm

Motion Sensor (1)

Motion detector is designed to provide detection of criminal intrusion into a protected area by sensing an intruder's body movement.

Key fob(1)

Is useful to locally arm or disarm the SECURE home security system on the go. Color options- Black or metallic


It's a rechargble battery to fit in the Secure box to keep the system online during power cut.

Power cord (3-Pin)(1)

It is required to connect the Secure hub to external power supply.

Mounting Screws

Helps in the proper mounting of the security system.


Should be fixed at a good height

Active Wi-Fi enabled Internet Connection

It requires to be always connected to internet for real time notifications.

Power Source for the device

It is recommended to have a backup power supply to have 24/7 Electric supply in the house, for optimal experience.

A valid Gmail ID to register as user

Each User should have a unique Gmail ID to register on the App.

  The SECURE App is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the respective App stores.



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